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Are you moving to a new place? Are you selling your pool table, or maybe buying a new one? If, for any reason, you need to get your pool table from point A to point B then Hartford Pool Table Service is at your service. We carry out efficient and professional pool table moving services ensuring that your pool table reaches its destination safe and sound.

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    Experienced Pool Table Movers Hartford CT

    ​As experienced pool table specialists, we are fully aware that relocating a pool table is delicate work. Having tackled many different billiards table moving jobs in countless situations we are confident that your pool table will be in safe hands with us as we move it to its new home. If you’re wondering where the ideal place to put your new pool table would be, we can provide suggestions as to which places and positions would be the best for playing and the most ideal for aesthetic purposes. We pride ourselves in providing a smooth, stress-free relocation for your billiards table.

    pool table repair hartford connecticut

    Coverage Area for Pool Table Moving

    Although our pool table service company is serving Hartford, CT, it’s not the only place we can move your table to and from. We are active all over Connecticut as well as the surrounding states; including Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire. So if you’re the resident of any of these Eastern states, you’re eligible for our services with no restrictions! Over the years we’ve gained a great reputation with the community of billiards players in and around the state of Connecticut, many of whom have made use of the services we provide multiple times. Our goal is to provide you with an easy and worry-free move of your pool table. The cost for pool table moving varies based on the distance. Call us for a free quote.

    Disassembly and Re-assembly/Setup

    Included in our pool table relocation services are a necessary disassembly service as well as a complete re-assembly service once we reach your new location. Moving an entire pool table is a tricky job, and should not be done without taking it apart to avoid damage. Thankfully, our experts have done this countless times with multiple models and brands of billiards tables, so we can confidently say that your table is in good hands. Once we get to the setup, you can choose the exact place you want it to be set up and even get a few tips and pointers on where a good place and position would be for it.

    Good Time To Schedule Pool Table Repairs

    Moving Your Pool Table is a Good Time to Also do Much Needed Re-felting or Repairs

    ​While we set up your table in its new home, this could be a great time to take advantage of having us there and already working on your pool table. If there are any repairs you’ve been wanting to do, or if you wanted to get your table re-felted, this would be a convenient time to get that done so you wouldn’t have to call us out again for a specific fix. Give us a call today or fill out the form here on our site to get your pool table moved and set up!