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Give us a call today or fill out a request form if you have recently purchased a table, or acquired a used one and need professional assistance setting it up. A pool table is just one of those things that is best left to the experts to set up. First of all it is incredibly heavy and requires the right handling and tools, and it's not an easy task. If not handled properly it can be damaged and will not perform properly. 

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    Every pool table installation process begins with a completely disassembled table. This gives us an immediate advantage because it allows us to tweak every little detail and get the whole thing perfectly leveled for your use as we get the whole thing set up. At Hartford Pool Table Service we take every possible opportunity to give you the very best quality customer service so that we can not only leave you satisfied, but set your pool table up for a long and healthy life so it can serve you with the best quality games.

    Installing a pool table properly is very important for the longevity and usefulness of the table, and that’s why we take special care when aligning or leveling. Pay close attention to detail like this will make sure that your pool table won’t come across complications down the line. Billiards tables which are set up improperly have the tendency to get wrinkles in the felt, lose structural integrity, and have misaligned rails or bumpers. We can assure you that after our service you’ll suffer from none of these issues.

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    Disassembly and Reassembly Services Hartford CT

    There a plenty of times you might want your pool table disassembled or reassembled. Maybe you want to put your billiards table into storage for a while and need it taken apart. Maybe you’re taking it back out of storage and want it put back together. Maybe you need to move it from one place to another because you’re moving or selling your pool table. Regardless of your reasons for assembling or disassembling your billiards table, we are fully equipped and more than ready to carry out such a job. If you’re pulling it out of a long storage and you get us to reassemble it for you, then why not take advantage of having us down there and get us to do any extra fix ups, re-felting, tweaks or refurbishing that might be needed?

    If you’re in need of assistance and have looked up “best pool table service near me,” then you’re in the right place. Fill out our form or call us today and get us to come service your pool table!

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