Pool Table Repair Service CT

Our pool table repair experts are at your service and available for any and all in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. So if you’ve been searching for that perfect pool table repair service, then we’ve got you covered! There are a full range of repair services that we provide to our dear customers across Connecticut, and we pride ourselves in providing the best repair service available in New England. Take a moment to reach out for a free quote if you have questions about getting your pool table repaired.

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    Additional Pool Table Repair Services We Provide:

    Pool Table Leveling Hartford CT

    If you want your billiards balls rolling evenly across the felt, you’ll want a nice level playing surface. With use of the best tools in the job, we can guarantee that we’ll get your pool table a level as can be so you can get playing and enjoy your games!

    Pool Table Refinishing Hartford CT

    Is your pool table starting to look a little shabby or washed out? Well then in might be time to get the wood refinished. We supply a full pool table refinishing service that will bring your pool table back to life and make it look brand new!

    Billiard Table Refurbishing & Restoration Hartford CT

    For any and all sorts of pool table refurbishing and restoration, you can count of us to get the job done. Nobody likes having an old, beat up billiards table sitting around in their place. So if you’re in need of a full restoration for an old pool table, then you know who you can call!

    Pool Table Refinishing Hartford CT

    Pocket Repair Hartford CT

    Pool table repair ct

    We repair all types of pool table pockets. Rubber or plastic pockets are less expensive even though they last for years. Repair isn’t an option, unfortunately, and they need to be replaced. Leather pockets are a lot better looking and more traditional. If you need pocket replacement or repair, we’re your guys!

    Cushion Repair Hartford CT

    Having good functional cushions is key to playing a good, solid game of pool. You generally won’t have to repair these so regularly, but if you’ve gone for years without fixing or replacing them, then it might just be time to get them redone.

     Bumper Repair Hartford CT

    Rails and bumpers should generally last you up to 20 years without having to replace or repair them. This, of course, depends on how much you use your pool table. Constant use can cause the bumpers to give you less of a rebound. If you notice you’re not getting the rebound you want, it might be time for a change.

    Frame Repair Hartford CT

    The frame of a pool table isn’t easily fixable with a simple wood glue solution. This might keep things going for a little while longer, but if you’re not sure what you’re doing then you could compromise the integrity of the entire structure. Get us down there to deal with any frame cracks or splits and give your pool table the care it needs.

    Slate Repair (under the felt) Hartford CT

    To repair the slate we first have to detach the felt so we can identify any slips, chips or cracks and get them filled up. Then, with a combination of resurfacing, table wax and repair glue we’ll make sure the problem won’t resurface.

    Rails Repair Hartford CT

    If you’re noticing your pool table rails could use a little sprucing up, or maybe even a replacement, then get in contact with us and we’ll be there to fix them! Give us a call today!